Wellbeing Program

We believe that nurturing the whole child brings a plethora of benefits.



Here at AIS, we believe that nurturing the whole child brings a plethora of benefits. An emotionally healthy school environment plays a crucial role in the development of a child.

Through building a positive sense of wellbeing our students are equipped to face life’s challenges with confidence. If children and young people are emotionally healthy and experiencing positive relationships at school, an increased academic readiness is evident.

Wellbeing Program In Primary School

By fostering a positive classroom environment our classroom teachers create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere. Taking time to listen to each student and understand what they excel in and where they may need support.

To enhance Emotional, Literacy and Expression, we use programs such as Zones of Regulation. These programs teach students to recognise and articulate their feelings. To complement this program mindfulness activities are used regularly to explore emotional management and develop self awareness.

Wellbeing Support Team in Primary:

-  The child’s classroom teacher
-  Primary Coordinator
-  Counsellor

The classroom teacher is the first person to engage with our students on a daily basis and are in the best position to identify any issues that may be happening and gauge the mood and wellbeing of the class. We encourage all our students and parents to communicate any concerns to the classroom teacher who will engage with the primary coordinator where appropriate. 

Our counselling service is available upon referral through the primary co-ordinator. 

Wellbeing In High School

Our wellbeing services in High School have a strong focus on restorative practices. This means that we focus on relationships and empower students to understand their behaviours and mistakes recognising the impact behaviour choices have on others. These practices ensure that our students build strong conflict resolution skills and are able to take responsibility for their actions and engage in appropriate restoration conversations to reach a peaceful outcome. These practices often mean that behaviours are not repeated and relationships are strengthened through dialogue, compassion and understanding. These are essential skills for our students to ensure they can engage fully in the communities within which they choose to work, study and live. 

These practices contribute to an emotionally healthy school environment where our students become upstanders and are able to challenge injustice in positive ways, increase their ability to critically think and have opportunities to explore their values in a safe, inclusive environment.

Social & Emotional Thinking Classes

This is a values based program which tackles the issues impacting young people in a global and local context. The courses are designed to equip students with the skills needed to make healthy choices, handle strong emotions and learn how to express themselves openly and honestly. Students learn to reduce conflict by increasing self awareness, empathy, resilience all the skills necessary to develop a growth mindset. Combine this with our restorative practice philosophy and we have positive and measurable results which support a healthy school community where students can thrive.

Wellbeing In High School Support Team:

-  Principal
-  Wellbeing Co-ordinator
-  Counsellor
-  Homeroom Teachers
-  Child Protection Team

A huge factor in the success of our wellbeing systems is that we view students as part of the solution. We have numerous student-led initiatives offering multi-facted support to our school community, attempting to ensure that no-one feels unsupported or unsafe at AIS.

Wellbeing In High School - Parent Support Available

Whilst educating your child we recognise that high school is an important time and it is imperitive that we work with young people holistically while recognising that an international school community is transient and that friendships and connections change over time. In order for us to support your child in the best way possible, we enjoy regular communication with parents about wellbeing. Our wellbeing co-ordinator and school counsellor are available for parents and are available to meet and work together for the benefit of your child.