Early Childhood Curriculum

Based on play-based Australian Early Years Curriculum



The AIS Early Childhood program is based on play-based Australian Early Years Curriculum, which covers the Preschool 3 (Ages 3-4) and Preschool 4 (Ages 4-5).

Play Based Learning refers to the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned by children while playing independently and with others. Play is one of the best and most natural learning methods for all children. At AIS, our play-based Australian Early Years Curriculum provides a child-focused environment that promotes a sense of wonder, investigation and interest in the world in which we live. AIS play-based learning provides children opportunities to explore ideas, solve problems, make connections and engage with others.

AIS embraces a holistic approach to learning. We aim to support every child’s individual development whilst respecting and incorporating the experiences and beliefs of their family, cultural and community group. There is a real focus on English language, problem-solving skills and the ability to self-direct their learning, which are the essential skills required for a smooth transition into formal schooling. AIS preschool allows children to enjoy their learning experiences, build their self-confidence and develop a positive attitude to learning which is invaluable throughout school and forms the basis for future success.