Celebrating Indonesian Day at AIS School Jakarta

18 Aug, 2023

During the extraordinary Indonesian Day commemoration, the Australian Independent School (AIS School Jakarta) came alive with the vibrant spirit of Indonesia. From the majestic flag raising, which symbolised unity, to the echoes of laughter in friendly outdoor competitions and traditional games, the campus radiated energy and enthusiasm.

Indoors, classrooms had been transformed into captivating realms of education and amusement, providing students with immersive experiences in Indonesian customs. The crescendo of the day was the assembly, a mesmerising display of our students' exceptional talents. By means of captivating dances and enthralling musical performances, they painted a vivid tapestry of Indonesian arts.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the spirited parents and enthusiastic students whose participation etched this celebration into the minds of all who witnessed it.

Happy Independence Day 2023 Indonesia! Terus Melaju Untuk Indonesia Maju.