AIS Students Achieve Outstanding IB Diploma Results

AIS Students Achieve Outstanding IB Diploma Results

Congratulations to all of our IB Diploma Programme students for achieving a 100% success rate - all 14 students who attempted this challenging programme were awarded the IB Diploma!

Our average score was 32.86 which well exceeds the world average of 28.51.

This translates to an average ATAR (Australian Tertiary Entrance Ranking) of 89.9

This is even more remarkable given our context, as AIS Indonesia does not discriminate against students wishing to attempt the full Diploma. While counselling of students takes place throughout the two years of the programme, students who wish to attempt subjects in the Diploma are supported to do so.

In addition, eight of our students pursued Group 1 studies in their mother tongue language of Japanese, Korean or Indonesian, and achieved a Bilingual Diploma, having studied the rest of their subjects in English.

Congratulations to Putu Sinead Sukerta who is our school Dux, achieving the cohort’s highest Diploma score of 43. This is equivalent to a 99.60 ATAR.