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Dear parents and our AIS community

As we count down the last 2 weeks of the term, I want to congratulate the perseverance, courage and determination of all our students in continuing to be positive with their online studies. After 126 days of online learning each child and teacher has shown immense grit and determination in evolving their mindset to cater for the many different ways of teaching and learning. This is a credit to all, and especially our parents who day in and day out make sure their child is ready to tackle their learning head on, with confidence and support even when having a full time job of their own! This is certainly a tough period, 126 days is a long time in anyone’s books let alone a child’s. Taking care of our wellbeing at this time is crucial and has been a real talking point throughout many countries in the world as humans try to get used to a new normal that involves loneliness and disconnect.

As a family and an individual how are you looking after yourself? Are you getting enough exercise? Are you eating as well as you can? Do you have a close friend to connect with and talk to? It is important that the answers to these questions are all yes.

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