Kemang Bytes

Dear Parents and our AIS community,

Welcome to term 2 at AIS and for the first time in the school’s history that we start a new term in Online Learning mode. This unprecedented situation, that has become our new reality and normal, we know has been an extremely stressful time for all our school community and we hope that you and your family are healthy and well and find yourselves safely isolating wherever you are in our world.

Similar to what you would be feeling as parents, we sincerely wish things were back to normal and we could all be starting the new term at our beloved AIS Kemang campus with all the smiles and giggles of your children as they return to school. Our teachers and leaders are very much missing the children and are quite sad not to be in the classroom with them. But reality tells us that we can only do the best we can do with the situation we have been handed, but we do know that, together, we will get through this and come out the other end a stronger and more connected school community.

This has also been a time we have all probably learned much about ourselves, our inner strength and our fears and anxieties. I myself have been moved to tears recently witnessing how our AIS community continues to relentlessly support each other through some very tough times. Our togetherness, kindness and thoughtfulness shown by our whole school community has shone through in so many moving and thoughtful actions given freely and unconditionally over the last few months. I cannot thank our parent community for supporting and trusting us as a school to continue your child’s education with authenticity and dedication. Most of our teachers have worked tirelessly throughout this holiday break to take our online learning platform to a new level of excellence, one that will not only support your child, but you as well.

In this email today I will provide you with both our AIS Parent Guide to Online Learning as well as our Teacher action plan for Online Learning in Term 2 at Kemang.

We will be 100% transparent with all we do at AIS and, as always, thankful for the constructive feedback coming from our parent community….it certainly helps us as educators and administrators to best serve your children as well as creating an online  teaching and learning program that best suits your family whilst retaining the integrity of achieving successful learning outcomes for each and every child.

If after reading this information you have further questions, please reach out and contact us whenever you need to.

The first email from teachers will be their weekly newsletter, timetables, lesson objectives, online lesson links and resources needed for week 1 will come out Monday 13th April and lessons will start on Tuesday the 14th April.

For all other weeks you will receive this email by 5pm on Friday that will out line the next weeks lessons, links and resources.

Remember if your child cannot attend our new online ‘real-time’ lessons because of the time zone you find yourself in, we will be recording all sessions to provide to you so your child can still partake in the days learning.

It will be lovely to connect with you all over this term and fingers crossed we will be all back in Jakarta before too long.


Warmest regards,


Ms Jodi
Kemang Campus