Kemang Bytes

Dear Parents and Friends,

Welcome to our first edition of the ‘Jakarta Bytes’ where we have merged the primary and high school newsletters in to one in anticipation of our move together to one campus at the end of this year.

As a school it is timely and well deserved that we recognise and humbly thank you, our AIS families, for your continued support and belief in our school. You have stood by us through some of the most difficult times our school has ever endured in its 24 years of existence. Through thick and this you have helped us to continue delivering an amazing educational program, even in times we were unsure, questioning ourselves and sometimes scared for the future. What has come about as a result is a feeling of unity and strength and renewed belief in the strong partnerships that are the backbone of AIS and its success. Through this pandemic we could not have done what we have without you all.

We know next year will be something entirely different again and that our amazing new campus will bring us all together in education and a relentless pursuit of unity and inclusion. Our new campus and class spaces will have all the top-rated health and safety elements and filtration systems. We are so very excited that moving time is near and we will start in our new school in 2021.

Ms. Jodi and Mr. Henri

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