Jodi Fillingame

Head of Kemang Primary Campus

AIS Kemang is a safe, welcoming and child centered campus. We recognize our students are all individuals and we celebrate and acknowledge the value of diversity.  A unique feature of the Kemang campus is our family orientated, collaborative community of teachers, support staff and parents. Together, we provide a strong network of support so that our students become happy, confident, socially aware global citizens and independent learners.

We strive to match the needs of our learners. We follow the Australian Curriculum and our Teaching & Learning is based on an inquiry approach; fostering a life-long love of learning and creating 21st Century thinkers.

AIS students work through learning outcomes at their own pace and their achievements are measured against other international and Australian schools. Students are supported in their learning through focused teaching resulting from ongoing assessment and the benefit of small class sizes.

Our teachers and support staff are qualified and highly skilled with a wide range of international experience. Staff are dedicated and provide a variety of learning activities for our multi-cultural student population. As teachers, we build strong relationships with students. We establish partnerships to foster child growth and development by: working together; making the learning visible; evaluating our roles to improve learning & teaching while focusing on feedback and self- reflection for better learning.

Together we foster international mindedness. We encourage an inquisitive approach to learning by exploring new ways of doing things that stretch across language or cultural barriers. We look forward to working with families to help our students be equipped with the skills and mindset to make our world a better place.

I feel very privileged to be leading our AIS Kemang Campus. I look forward to welcoming you to our unique learning community.