International Women’s Day Celebrated at AIS Kemang

On Tuesday 8th March, 2016, AIS Kemang celebrated International Women’s Day. This day is held annually across nations and celebrates women’s achievements worldwide and throughout history. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

Classes talked about the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women; read about influential women and also discussed why progress for women has slowed in many places across the world. Students looked at videos on what it means to be a girl; and examined and analysed info graphics about women and their representation in society.

It was fantastic to see the purple and green theme embraced by staff and students alike. A fabulous total of Rp. 5,540,000 in donations was made by AIS families. This money will go to support two local projects benefitting women in Jakarta. Firstly, money will go to AIMI, which is a non-profit organisation established on the basis of mother-to-mother support group, with the aim of disseminating knowledge and information on breastfeeding, and increasing the percentage of breastfeeding mothers in Indonesia. AIMI is currently focusing their work in Infant and Young Child Feeding and want toIndonesian mothers to feed the family by breastfeeding and cooking homemade, local and indigenous food. Secondly, money will go to help a local artist who is doing a year long project Kata Untuk Perempuan, (Words for Women), an art project initiated to document the vocabulary used to describe women in everyday life. This project began as a workshop by a group of Indonesian female artists in Melbourne last year. Money will help with supplies and to provide some money for a young female intern working on the project. We are also hoping to organise some collaborative workshops later in the year.

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