Nurturing Green Thumbs at AIS Kemang

This semester Year 5 and 6's at Kemang were a part of a very creative and rewarding Extra Curricular Activity "The Green Team".  In the students own words, here is a little more information about what this activity involved:

The Green Team is an ECA for Year 5 and 6's where we do ECO - friendly activities to improve the school. This sememster we had 16 students and 2 teachers as members of the Green Team. 

We have done several barbecues at our past Garage Sales to raise money for Green Team Projects and we have made 'school' made books from recycled paper, cardboard and some thread. We have also made some other things like Soccer Balls made from recycle plastic bags and have also created a school garden which is in front of 6K's classroom. In our garden at the moment we are growing tomatoes, cucumbers, mustard greens, sunflowers, chilies, tosakan, lemon basil and mint.

We are currently in the process of trying to make an aquaponics tank, which consists of plants growing on top of a tank full of fish. After we have fed the fish, the waste / poo will go up a pipe and water / fertilize the plants.

We are all having a great time in the Green Team and we all think you should join next term !

Costanza, Dave & Abram.

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