Orton-Gillingham (O-G) Language Instructional Approach Introduced

At the end of Term 2, 2017, Mr. Liam,our Learning Support Director undertook the Orton-Gillingham training programme in Singapore run by the esteemed and renowned O-G educator, Ron Yoshimoto, Fellow AOGPE. Parents who have a child diagnosed with specific language deficits or dyslexia, will at least be familiar with the O-G or derivative multisensory language intervention instructional approaches in their searches for an effective intervention for their child.

The features of O-G are that it is a multi sensory, systematic, sequential and cumulative, individualized and diagnostic instructional approach. In the past AIS has used multisensory approaches across a range of creative programmes but we felt we needed to combine the strengths of each of these programmes in to one instructional approach to ensure our language interventions are manageable, defined and more clearly directed.

O-G will replace our current programmes and become our premiere tool for language intervention in mainstream student withdrawal sessions. With the assistance of Ms Rebecca, Mr. Liam will oversee the O-G programme and is currently demonstrating the O-G instructional approach to our very enthusiastic withdrawal teachers, Ms. Heny and Ms. Deni. We will be running O-G at AIS Kemang and Bali campuses by Term 4.